Stanlley Davis Smith | Grindal Worm Seller | August 2018

Stanlley Davis Smith, our fellow guppy enthusiast, started fish keeping when he was in college way back 2009 as an intern. The manager and his wife gave him 5-gallon and 15-gallon tanks as early graduation gifts.

As a newbie, molly and swordtail became his apples of his eye because they are excellent livebearers. It did not take long due to a water shortage in the community way back then. It required him to have water change of 15-20% weekly and cleaning the tank, at some point, became stressful so he decided to shut down and empty the tank after 1 year.

On July 24, 2017 (8 years later), Stanlley’s cousin gave him chopsuey guppies (colloquial term for guppies with mixed color patterns). That triggered Stanlley to keep fish again. At that time, the water supply in the area is already stable and it’s time to pursue his eagerness.

He did some research and found out that guppies have diverse strains. After two months, he decided to purchase a pure strain, Dumbo Ear Mosaic. In one year time, he added other 4 pure guppy strains in his hobby – owning 15 5-gallon, 8 15-gallon tanks, and a lot of grow out basins at his outdoor setup.

Stanlley has been keeping fishes because, for him, it is a stress reliever (can cure loneliness). In addition, it is a good souce of extra income. According to him, one of the remarkable things is when he and his wife enjoy the moment together watching their fishes. They plan to make the hobby bigger.

As a guppy breeder, Stanlley manages his time for his family and work. His all-time favorite is guppy but he is also interested in Piranhas.

Stanlley sells aquatic stuff, especially Grindal Worms, “Unlimited Live Fish Food”. He makes sure that they do not harbor any aquatic diseases. He is also selling guppies. He sell those stuff thru online and ships nationwide, doing meet ups and pick up at home.

What is Grindal Worm?

Video courtesy by Aquarimax Pets


Its scientific name is “Enchytraeus Buchholzi” which is small white non-parasitic worm. They live in soils around the world. They are smaller than white worms. These have become famous for most aquarists as source of food for their fishes, especially baby fishes – unlimited live fish food. They are easy to culture.

Nutritional value:

  • Protein: 70%
  • Fat: 14.5%
  • Minerals: 5.5%
  • Carbohydrates: 10%

Stanlley’s Tips for our fellow fish keepers:

Don’t be shy asking questions, especially if you are newbies. Now a days, learning is so easy, it’s just one click away and you will find some answers but take note that not everything you see online is correct. Be wise and don’t forget the basics. Know your fish behaviors, feed them gradually, and provide them highly nutritious live fish food (should be pest and disease free). GRINDAL WORM is the perfect one.

Aside from that, he stresses these pointers:

  • maintain water quality
  • water change of 2x a week by removing 15-20% of water
  • vacuum or siphon all dirt at the bottom
  • replace the water with chlorine free with same water temperature
  • use stocked water (2-3 days)
  • don’t forget to add a pinch of salt every water change. Others don’t do that but for Stanlley, it’s better to prevent than to cure. This is the way how he maintains the water quality and the water condition does not affect his fish health.


Contact Info of Stanlley Davis Smith:

Mobile: 09758346070
Stanlley’s Facebook account



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