Michael Yap | Aquascape Seller | Planted Aquascaping Aquarium Designer | August 2018

Michal Yap, our fellow aquascaping artist, started keeping fish in an aquarium three years ago. When he visited an oceanarium, Manila Ocean Park, he was captivated when he saw the alligator gars.These are his all-time favorites ever since.

He persuaded to obtain a small 20-gallon tank and housed one alligator and one spotted gar. They were small way back then.

He was not aware before that gars get big. Reaching to a point that they could no longer be fitted in the original tankhe planned so well and decided to purchase a 300-gallon aquarium.

After that, he became confident that the gars grow well. He fell in love watching them. Even up to now, Michael is still keeping these small-before turned into monster size pets.

Mr. Yap really enjoys the hobby. Eventually, he tried doing aquarium aquascaping. We asked him, “What is remarkable to you, Mr.Yap, when it comes to aquarium?”. He answered, “For me, having an aquarium is like having a little piece of nature in my home. Witnessing the process of growth of the aquarium inhabitants is just simply amazing and remarkable.”

Michael Yap’s hobbies and activities:

  • Drawing
  • Aquascaping

He was inspired by his Canadian bestfriend, Caspian Winchester, making saltwater aquariums. Michael was able to use his drawing skills through sketching up designs for creating aquascapes. He executes the designs by having the woods, rocks and stones match the drawing scheme.

“In my aquascaping hobby I always check on them everyday. Do maintenance every week. Between times I’m not doing much, I draw then later make another scape when ever I have spare aquariums. I also keep some turtles and monster fishes. I feed them every other day part of my daily routine.” – Mr.Yap

He sells planted aquascapes thru online. He loves to keep creating diverse aquascaping styles. He needs to sell his creations in order to have available space to create another masterpiece. For him, selling an aquarium aquascape is no difference to selling a piece of painting. He was able to help a lot of beginner aquarists.

His advice to us

  • Never overthink about your aquariums. Learn ideas from experts.
    “Trust me, I lost seven golden arowanas from over tinkering.” – Mr.Yap
  • It’s better to let your aquarium flourish naturally rather than over protecting it which leads to unfavorable circumstances.
  • For taking care of aquatic plants:
    • Be prepared with these:
      • Liquid fertilizer
      • Sand / substrate
      • Aquascaping tools: pinceps and aquatic scissors

Contact Info of Michael Yap

 photo michael-yap_zpss3aivens.jpg
Location: San Mateo, Rizal, Philippines
Mobile: (+63) 09193160179
Facebook: www.facebook.com/michael.yap.750



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