Coral Reefs Preservation


Corals are precious gifts we have. Re-establishing coral reefs is challenging but rewarding. Support the coral reefs preservation programs to protect one of the most important treasures on Earth.

Here’s What We Can Do:

  • Plant new corals
  • Increase awareness of the value of corals in the economy. Be an environmentally conscious individual.
  • Do not anchor your boat on the reefs.
  • While snorkeling, do not touch the reefs.
  • Patronize only reef-friendly sunscreen. Some sunscreen ingredients are toxic to corals. Avoid those that have oxybenzone and octinoxate.
  • Have proper drainage systems. Do not let your wastewater reach marine lives to maintain their good health.
  • Use eco-friendly fertilizers. Toxic fertilizers are not only bad for fishes but also to corals. Conserve water and use less to prevent too much runoffs. Proper usage of water must be monitored. Sewage pollution is a serious marine threat.
  • Businesses near the shore must undergo and pass evaluation for sanitary.
  • Participate in green programs like proper disposal of garbage and recycling.
  • Volunteer in local beach cleanups.
  • Respect locally protected marine area.
Play the video to see “A Discovery for Coral Reef Rebuilding”

Video courtesy by The Atlantic via Youtube


Support For A Cause

According to, when game players place coral blocks in-game and when the total reaches 10 million blocks, Minecraft will contribute $100,000. This will support the Conservancy’s coral restoration work.

Several countries are involved in coral reefs conservation programs. They are establishing protected areas and no-take zones. They invest on artificial coral reefs to provide habitat to marine wildlife. They normally install a 250-meter buoy line (one buoy every 10 meters) that serves as limit for effective protection. No boats nor people is allowed in the perimeter. These techniques improve the ecosystem in the area. Having coral reefs is cost-effective compared to artificial breakwaters.

The majority of the world’s marine fish species depend on coral reefs. Because of climate changes like increasing sea temperature, they are deteriorating. Pollution kills coral reefs. Join coral reefs preservation programs and activities. Be involved and spread the word.

On a side note:

Marine hobby enthusiasts love having indoor coral reefs for pleasure. It provides an excellent display in their homes. It is highly recommended to go for cultured corals only rather than getting them from the wild. Get an expert advice. Choose a reputable store that has available allowed and marketable items which are much safer to keep.

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