Top 5 Supreme Flamboyant Freshwater Fishes In The Aquarium Fad


Truly, there are numerous attractive freshwater pets that you would love to keep in your aquarium.  Some are pricey because of the extraordinary colors that they exhibit. But, the joy that they bring to the owner is unparalleled. Here are the top five stunning fishes in the world that will amaze you:

1. Discus

An outsized type of freshwater cichlid, discus originated in Amazon River (South America.) which was labeled by Dr. J. J. Heckel (zoologist in Austria). Initially, these fishes had three color distinctions: brown, green, and blue. But, currently there are numerous color variations you can find in the market because many fish keepers are developing various strains of discus and breeding them in captivity.

Discus, commonly mentioned as “The King of the Aquarium” has mixed personality—social and shy. In their natural environment, they exhibit unconventional social manners and they thrive in huge groups. That’s why if you like to keep them, it’s recommended to get at least 4 of them to allow them to grow their nature.

Take note: Keeping discus is difficult to keep because they are prone to fish diseases and picky when it comes to their food. But once you get to manage, it’s a noteworthy experience.

2. Killifish

Included as the most vividly colored and attractively varicolored freshwater fish, killifish (Cyprinodontiformes) is so famous in the hobby. Most enthusiasts say that keeping them is a rewarding fad. Adapted tranquil and moving waters, they are composed of 1,250 species and categorized into ten various groups. You can frequently see them in low tropical and sub-tropical bodies of water.

Good to know: The term ‘’killi’ originated in the Netherlands which means ‘ditch of channel.’

Take note: It’s recommended to have a species-only tank if you would like to keep them. They only live for a few months.



3. Betta Fish

The attractive fish you often observe swimming all alone in a small vessel at pet shops is the Siamese fighting fish, originally from Siam (Thailand). They are also popular in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos.

Known for being territorial, male betta fish is aggressive and will fight with another male of the same kind when kept in the same tank. It has a ‘labyrinth organ’ that enables it to take breaths in the air, above the waterline.

Good to know: In ancient times in Siam, royals preserved these fishes to witness them come to blows.

Take note: You can keep all the young betta fishes in one tank, but once they become adult, you need to separate the males as they will get stressed that may lead to death due to fighting.


4. German Blue Ram

Scientific name: Mikrogeophagus ramirezi

This vibrant type of cichlid is considered as the hottest morph and recognized to be a widespread addition to the fad. It was technologically advanced in 2009. Recommended for intermediate keepers and to have the best results, you can combine them with peaceful kind of fish species. You can house two pairs of these cichlids in a 40-gallon aquarium.

Take note: Avoid introducing quick fishes to the aquarium because German blue rams will have difficulty to compete when grabbing the food.


5. Endlers Livebearer

Scientific name: Poecilia wingei

Originated in Paria Peninsula in Venezuela, Endlers are dexterous breeders and known to crossbreed with guppies. When you keep these, expect that you’ll see new babies every month. They are the easiest to find in pet stores and one of the most vibrantly looking fishes in the hobby.  The varied diet works best for this fish. They grow 1 to 1.8 inches in length.


One More Thing Before You Go

There is a vast range of marvelous freshwater fishes that you can find in your favorite pet stores. Always remember, it’s vital to research first before keeping them to achieve the goal that you’re expecting. Some aquarium pets are costly. Consult experts and learn the proper upkeep to avoid feeling sorry in the end.

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