How to Grow Aquatic Plants Faster

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Having the chance to chill during the vacation is the best. Looking at your aquarium can be one factor for you to get the most out of your leisure. What if what you see is an eye-sore rather than the beauty that you anticipate? You were expecting healthy green plants in the tank, but what you get is a messy aquarium full of algae covering the brown leaves of your precious plants that are about to die. It is for sure that you won’t be able to enjoy your time off.

We will discuss here the proper way to maintain your planted tank and how to care for them and make them grow faster.

Aerial Advantage

Some aquatic plants grow tall. They can even emerge from the water. These plants tend to reach the water line to receive ‘CO2’ and nitrates more from the atmosphere rather than submerged.

In nature, those types of plants that grow vertically, especially those that live in ponds like lilies, reach the water surface. When the plant is above the water level, they grow four times faster than they are underwater.

It is true that even if you have a co2 planted tank, the growth of plants is still faster when they are above the water. They get the more aerial advantage when their leaves are out of the water. It is nice to have these kinds of plants in the aquarium as they can serve a suitable spot for the fish to hide or rest.

On a Different Note

Be watchful of the leaves of the plants that reach the water surface. They can become enormous. Plant leaves on the water surface can affect the growth of the plants that do not grow as tall as they are. Smaller plants also need the light for them to grow.

What is the Best Light for Your Aquarium Plants?

Light is essential for the plant’s health and growth. Installing lighting in your aquarium will make your plants stay alive. Today’s ‘LED grow lamps’ work much better than the 1st generation LED technology in growing aquarium plants.

LED grow light is:

  • An excellent and well-through-out setup for growing aquarium plants.
  • Easy to put together, clean and keep.
  • No special expertness is requisite.
  • Energy efficient because it consumes less energy.
  • Cooler than ‘metal halide light’ that emits bright white warmer light.
  • Lifetime is up to 50,000 hours before you need to replace it.

Setting the Right Light for Aquarium

LED equipment includes menus and data sheet for control. These options enable you to compute the essential specifications of light luminosity and watts per gallon required to grow healthy green plants. Dimming the light can prolong the lifespan of the equipment.

Too much light causes algae (microscopic life that makes the water green) to appear. It is recommended to let the lighting turned on for 8-12 hours only. Going beyond that can disturb the regular life cycle of the fish and the plants.

The fish remains calms and sleep when it is dark. When you turn on the light, it takes 20-30 minutes for the fish to fully awake and becomes active.
Most aquarium hobbyists prefer having a remote controlled LED light equipment so that they can set the time when the light will turn on and turn off at their convenience.

Red or reddish color plants fall under high-tech plants because they need high lighting and necessary nutrients to thrive. Consult an expert to be successful in planting demanding plants.

To know the list of easy to grow aquatic plants, click the link below:
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Adding Substrate

The substrate is the ground of your aquarium. The bottommost part of the substrate should be rich in nutrients that the plants need. There will be an article that will be available soon to showcase the essence of adding substrate in an aquarium, so keep on visiting our site.


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