Freshwater Aquarium With Easiest Live Plants for Beginners

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Freshwater aquarium plants for beginners will be perfect for those people who are just starting with amazing aquascaping hobby. There are tons of best plants in the market that you can use. Utilizing them can help you come up with incredibly beautiful aquariums. All you need to do is take a moment to properly plan and implement  the best design innovations that you can get from experts.

Let’s start with this one. It is vital to be aware that aquarium plants are categorized into three types. This is according to location inside the tank such as: foreground plants, mid-ground plants, and background plants.

Fishes in the tank need vegetable for these reasons:

  • Food source
  • Comfort
  • Breeding
  • Hiding spots
  • Healthy environment
  • Oxygen producer
  • Maintaining the nitrogen cycle / organic equilibrium


Here’s the top easiest  freshwater plants list suitable for beginners:












  • Guppy grass / Najas guadalupensis 
    guppy grass
    Photo by: aquacollect






  • These are so easy to handle
  • Tend to proliferate successfully


Aquascaping is not as complicated as you might expect. Knowing the basics is the key. This is true. Having an aquarium is great for bringing the overall beauty of your home.


Things to care about:

  • Choose the right plants.
  • Have the right substrate.
  • Supply the right light.
  • Use the right freshwater aquarium plants.
  • Avoid randomly placing various plants throughout; practice the art of aquascaping.
  • There must be source of light because plants (terrestrial and aquatic types) produce oxygen through photosynthesis. They  tend to release carbon dioxide during absence of light.
  • Don’t get demotivated and quit procrastination to achieve productivity.



  • Low-tech setup (low light)
  • Parrots feather does not need advanced lighting when presented to high light. Its color intensity changes and improves when presented to high light.


Low-tech freshwater aquarium plants  do not need the following to survive:

  • CO2 addition or injection
  • High light
  • Fertilizer supplement


A Final Note

Having an aquarium with freshwater plants in the house is ideal. A well-positioned one levels up a notch by brightening up the area. This will create  a visually appealing spot. Start with plants for beginners. You won’t regret taking care of them. They can be purchaed at an affordable cost.


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